Visibly strengthen strands with Rosemary & Mint. Introducing Organist Rosemary Mint. Healthy-looking hair starts at the scalp. Rosemary is known to revitalize the scalp and help support thicker, fuller-looking hair. Peppermint adds a refreshing tingle and cooling sensation to your scalp while helping to keep your hair and scalp looking healthy. Visibly strengthen hair from the roots. Rosemary Mint Hair Strengthening Oil. 2-in-1 daily-use oil for hair and scalp. With essential oils, 99% derived from plants, plus biotin. Rosemary and mint blend. Hair feels fortified, nourished and refreshed. Nourishing with rosemary oil, thickening with biotin, cleansing with mint. With ingredients that help promote visibly stronger hair: Rosemary known to revitalize the scalp and help support thicker-, fuller-looking hair. Peppermint helps to keep your hair and scalp feeling refreshed and looking healthy. Biotin an essential vitamin that helps support keratin for healthy-looking hair. Visibly strengthen hair in just weeks! Day 1. Immediate invigorating feeling on the scalp. Stimulating effect. Helps promote healthy circulation on the scalp. Day7. Feeling of thick and strengthened hair and added shine to hair strands. Day 14. Helps firm the hairline and helps build the moisture barrier on the scalp. Day 42. Feel fuller- and healthier-looking hair with the full Organist Rosemary Mint regimen. Based on the combined use of organist rosemary mint collection (shampoo + conditioner + tonic + oil), individual results may vary. hair & scalp look stronger with the natural goodness of rosemary. Cleanse. Strengthening Shampoo + Conditioner. With rosemary and biotin, to help to keep your scalp and hair looking healthy. Refreshing, cooling peppermint helps your scalp feel revitalized. Thicken. Scalp Strengthening Tonic. With rosemary, mint, biotin and caffeine. Scalp feels nourished and revitalized with a cooling sensation. Hair looks fuller, thicker, stronger. Nourish. Hair Strengthening Oil Hair feels fortified, nourished and refreshed. Strengthen your body’s moisture barrier. Body Wash. Invigorate your senses. Formulated with AHA/BHA/PHA and panthenol. Gua Sha Scalp Massager. For scalp, neck and body. Helps improve circulation for visibly strong, healthy hair.

Brochure effective from 6/19/24 to 7/02/24.