Happy fresh New Year! (re)fresh! Start the New Year off right! Revive your space with powerful solutions that leave your home (and more!) shiny and clean! Cucina essentials multi-purpose wipes free with any two purchases from pages 4–13. Fresh Fiji Hygienic Power Laundry Detergent. Combines our Hygienic Power formula to remove dirt you can’t see, a stain-fighting solution to brighten and whiten and baking soda to help prevent odors for a deeper clean. Fresh Fiji Hygienic Power Laundry Bar & Stain Remover. Hygienic Power formula in a bar! Perfect for pretreating or targeted spot-treating, hand-washing and travel. Breaks down stains pre-wash. Safe for skin with moisturizing ingredients. Fresh Fiji Hygienic Power Fabric Softener. 3x concentrated. Softens, freshens and protects clothes. Long-lasting rosewater and jasmine scent. Made with plant-based surfactants. Microplastic-free. Safe for skin and environment. Clean laundry, cleaner planet. Fresh Fiji Sheet Detergent. Laundry detergent in a single sheet! Seven-enzyme stain-removing blend. Clear the air! Clips onto car vents and allows you to control the fragrance intensity. Clean up crew. Homestar Cook Top & Stainless Steel Cleaning Wipes. Plant-based surfactants to lift and remove leftover residue and spills from glass cooktops and stainless steel. Homestar Rangehood & Kitchen Degreaser. Super-strength formula with a double-solvent solution blend for hard-to-remove grease. Homestar Cook Top Cleaner & Polish. Cleans, polishes and protects smooth cooktop ranges for a scratch-free shine. Plant-based formula. Fresh green herbal scent. Sirius Groom Pet Grooming Mist. Softens, soothes and hydrates your pet’s skin and coat for instant freshness. Perfect for in-between washes. Moisturizing formula with centella asiatica, rosemary, oatmeal and pro-vitamin B5. Long-lasting baby powder scent. Sirius Groom Shampoo for Dogs. Alleviates itchiness and dryness by washing away allergens. Anti-inflammatory oatmeal protects and soothes skin. pH-balanced formula. Long-lasting scents. Cucina Essentials Spray-On Dish Soap. 99% biodegradable, eco-friendly plant-based formula cuts grease on contact. Dermatologically-tested. Your new squeeze. Concentrated mild gel leaves surfaces spotlessly clean. Free of chemical preservatives. Naturally derived formula with stain-removing citric acid. The Face Shop uses the finest natural ingredients with the latest technologies, and is committed to environmental responsibility by being cruelty-free and using eco-friendly packaging. Now with an expanded range of best-sellers and new innovative collections from this favorite global beauty brand brought to you by Avon.

Clean slate bundle. Help customers get set for all their New Year cleaning needs with these top brands. Home Care Product Guide. Super-strength cleansing made effortless for kitchen, bathrooms, floors and more! Innovative cleaning options that freshen your home and make laundry a breeze. Fresh scents and eco-friendly formulas inspired by nature, for dishes to countertops. Groom your pet and freshen your home with premium ingredients. Introducing the ideal K-beauty starter regimen with a mildly floral fragrance. Get it here first! These beauties are only available to customers in the Campaign 28 Good Buys flyer & Avon.com. Perfectly blended. Incredibly soft beauty sponge with its unique shape effortlessly perfects your complexion. One sponge with a variety of flat and rounded sides for all your makeup needs. How to use. Soak the sponge in lukewarm water and squeeze out excess water. Add your foundation (liquid or powder) or concealer to the sponge and press and tap onto the skin. Avoid swiping motion. Wash with soap after each use and allow to air dry Selling tips. It’s a great add-on to any makeup order (can be used with creams, liquids and powder, and is also good for touch-ups). Suggest replacing after 3 months, which is also an easy opportunity to follow up with customers! Pro tips. Gently tap the sponge over your contour makeup, bronzer, highlighter or blush to soften your look if you applied too much. Gently tap over the edges of eyeshadow if there are harsh lines. Also great with powders! Dip the sponge into your favorite face powder and gently press onto the skin to set and mattify. Features a soft, domed crease brush on one end and a flattened, all-over eyeshadow brush on the other to apply and buff eyeshadow. Features a pointed pencil brush on one end and an angled eyeliner brush on the other to highlight or add depth and dimension to eyes. Features a dense, rounded buffing foundation brush on one end and a precise rounded concealer brush on the other to create a flawless canvas. Features a fluffy angled contour brush on one end and a tapered, oval blush brush on the other to add color and dimension to the face. Designed with soft, angled bristles, this retractable multiuse kabuki brush effortlessly blends pressed or loose powder formulas for smooth and even application. The fmg Flawless Complexion Sponge is a soft multi-use makeup sponge that transforms the face. This reusable sponge is activated by water and flawlessly blends all complexion makeup. An essential for your daily routine. Help remove unwanted facial hair with these stainless steel tweezers. Keep your face hair-free while cleansing your face, applying a mask or taking a shower with this soft hair band. Minimize clutter and arrange your space with the fmg Vanity Organizer! Features multiple interior and exterior storage compartments.

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