Colors of spring. Cool trends to try with new fmg Glimmer Nail Lacquer and Matte Eyeshadow Quad. Spring fling. Six of the hottest makeup. Trends to try! From tips to lips, fmg Glimmer helps make your Spring look bloom! Berry on-trend. Bring on the bright berries this spring with this must-have mani. Max shine and vivid color for a salon-worthy manicure that lasts! fmg Glimmer Nail Lacquer. Gel-like cushion texture. Silky nail-strengthening formula dries down smooth and even for lasting wear that does not chip. High-shine mani with no UV light! Gel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamel Shine, gel-like finish, protection, vivid color, strengthener, base and top coat. Does not contain formaldehyde. 2-in-1 base and top coat preps and sets nails. fmg Glimmer Nail Base and Top Coat. Breathable, nail-hugging formula provides a smooth base to prime nails and helps prevent discoloration and then works as a glossy, sheer protective top coat to help keep nails strong, shielding your manicure from chipping and streaking. Accent on style. Give your mani a little oh là là with artsy accents. Art at your fingertips. fmg Glimmer Gel Nail Stickers. Easy-to-apply glossy gel nail stickers add a fun pattern to your nails without having to take a trip to the salon. No-mess application doesn’t require additional tools or waiting for nails to dry! Color-coordinated shades work together for expressive eye looks that last all day. Avon Glimmer Eyeshadow Quad. Perfectly coordinated shadows in matte, satin and shimmer finishes. Vibrant pigments for a pop of color in a single swipe. Creamy soft powder formula hugs lids with rich color for all-day wear, without the fallout. Flirt in hushed tones. Make eyes in soft blush matte shades that are the epitome of darling. Dreamy& dazzling. Try unexpected color combos for eyes that really pop! Trend tip! Start with a creamy blush and then set it with a lightweight powder blush. Experiment and create your own custom shade! Blush on the double. Layer blush for a fresh flushed look that defines, contours and adds a dewy dimension to cheeks. For cheeks and lips. fmg Glimmer Be Blushed Cheek Color. Creamy moisturizing formula glides on smoothly for a natural flush of color. Buildable coverage. Soft dewy finish. With skin-nourishing vitamin E. Trend tip: prep and condition lips for maximum payoff. fmg Glimmer Lip Polish and Conditioner sold on page 38. Enticing and inspiring spectrum of versatile and expressive shades. fmg Glimmer Satin Avon Lipstick. Lightweight, smooth and creamy formula. Infused with antioxidant pomegranate extract. Buildable medium-to-full coverage. Soft satin finish. Lips on pop! Lips speak volumes with punched up color and a flirty smile.

Nailed it! Color combos like a pro. Take your customer’s nail game (and your sales!) to the next level with recommended shade pairings for fun, fresh looks. Luxe metals. Paint every other nail with Meteorite Rose and Golden Galaxy. Rosy golden flush. Paint every nail Full Moon Flush, excluding the ring finger. Apply Meteorite Rose to both ring fingers. Royal flush. Paint every nail Lost Galaxy Plum, excluding the ring and middle fingers. Apply Golden Galaxy to the remaining fingers. A hint of flash. Apply High Magnitude Mauve to pointer fingers and thumb nails. Apply Cool Comet to middle fingers. Apply Golden Galaxy to the ring fingers. The ingredients: For nail health: Hexanal and bio-ceramics help keep nails strong and nourished. For long wear: Wear Boost Reactive Technology helps deliver lasting wear. For a smooth, glossy finish: Adipic polyester resin helps deliver a high-gloss finish and prevents chipping. Get mistake-free manis at home. To use. Glide over nail edges after applying nail lacquer to clean up and perfect your look. Clean excess lacquer from the tip of the pen as needed. Replace cap tightly after each use. Start the conversation. Speak to the convenience of this easy-to-use pen. “You don’t have to be a pro for salon-worthy nails, especially with all your clean-up necessities in one convenient pen!” “Whether you’re a nail novice or have been doing your nails for years, ‘clicking undo’ has just gotten easier with the eraser pen.” “It also helps prevent nails and cuticles from drying out.” “Get salon-worthy touch-up precision with the angled felt tip.” Focus on the fun. Mistakes happen! Let your customers know that they can feel free to experiment because the eraser pen helps fine-tune their looks with effortless precision. Bigger sales are at your fingertips. Host a wine and (nail) paint night! Step 1. Come up with your game plan Your goal for sales at the party How to position your products Talking points for the three new nail products. Step 2. Get party ready! Have your customers purchase the products/tools to participate in the activities. Make sure to have one fmg Glimmer Base & Top Coat and one fmg Glimmer Nail Lacquer Eraser Pen on hand. Make sure to have all your painting stations ready with everything they need: nail polish remover, cotton balls/pads and hand cream/moisturizer. Pro tip. After cleaning and moisturizing hands, wipe the nails once more with nail polish remover. This is key to having the nail lacquer adhere to the nail. Step 3. Have fun! Use the list of color combos (see page 5) to get your customers thinking about purchasing more than one. Emphasize that it’s okay to make mistakes with the handy eraser pen. If you love nail art, host a tutorial! If you are new to nail art yourself, don’t worry learning with friends is half the fun! Watch an online nail tutorial together, and try it out. Remember to have fun with it! Nail art hacks. Use cosmetic sponges, like the Crème Shop Cosmetic Sponges, to create an ombré look. Use a bobby pin to create pretty polka dots. Use tape to create crisp lines and then clean up the edges with the fmg Glimmer Nail Lacquer Eraser Pen.

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