Return to Bali. Your fave summer scent is back for good! Wow beauty sale this brochure only! Look for specially marked prices for extra discounts on all your faves! And get an additional 50% off. Now save even more on our best beauty brands! Perfume personalities. Just like a signature style, scent can speak volumes about your personality. From glamorous eau de parfums to flirty hair and body mists, express yourself! The exotic wanderer. Wanderlust personified, always looking for something new and finding passion in a tropical paradise. The avid explorer. Writing the book on adventure - from journeys to faraway places to secret spots just around the corner. Far Away Intense Luxury Body Crème. Rich, moisturizing formula leaves skin feeling soft and beautifully scented. Far Away Shimmering Body Mist. Luxurious, lightweight formula provides a radiant glow as it envelops you in the enticing scent of Far Away. Far Away Hair & Body Mist. Caress your tresses and create a soft cocoon of scent. Leaves hair with a subtle, healthy-looking shine. Featherlight microconditioners won’t weigh your hair down. The daydreamer. Always ready for the unexpected because anything is possible! The chill master. Calm, cool and collected. Keeping it all together while cherishing every moment. The serene spirit. Uplifting yet grounded and down-to-earth, bringing a lightness and serenity to everything. The classic beauty. Timeless and brilliant, always decked out with an air of opulence, taking elegance to a new level. The chic influencer. Stylish and sophisticated trendsetter who knows how to captivate a following. The romantic flirt. Sensual, alluring and ready to turn up the heat. LYRD. Exquisite, trending ingredients are layered together by master perfumers to create unique scents inspired by the beauty found in everyday life. Intoxicating dance of seductive oud and alluring rose. Fragrance artistry. Discover curated ingredients that are exquisite alone but even more fascinating together. Ginza Stefany. A beautiful fragrance collection that explores the story of steadfast lovers Steve and Stefany and the power of their eternal love.

Take your business to the next level with this no-limit offer featuring the new Far Away Bali, plus premium scents and tried-and-true favorites. Start taking pre-orders today! Far Away Bali is here to stay! You asked, we listened...this beauty is back by popular demand! Connect with customers. Far Away Bali was introduced as a limited- edition fragrance last year, so some customers may not have had the chance to experience it. Reach out to customers who purchased the fragrance last year and let them know it’s back! Ask your Far Away Bali customers for referrals for friends who might be interested in the scent. Now is a good time to plan ahead and secure a replenishment order so you have the scent on hand for pre- (and instant) orders. Start the conversation. Talk about Far Away Bali as a “destination” fragrance, and make it intriguing! “By overwhelming demand, Far Away Bali is back for good!” When you pass out a sample, say “Here is your ticket to Bali!” “Transport yourself to your next favorite vacation destination with Far Away Bali.” Showcase the notes. When selling fragrance virtually, bring the notes to life with props or photos. Create a live testimony. Make a video to showcase your reactions to the fragrance live. Be descriptive with your experience, like a destination that the fragrance transports you to (or a personal story) and the fragrance notes. Promoting a fragrance in-person & virtually. In person. You can showcase the scent while you talk about it Your customer can experience the bottle and scent up close and interact with it. Both in person & virtual. This is your chance to make the fragrance matchmaking process more personal by asking questions and exploring their needs. Virtual. Elevate the experience with stories and emotional responses Include your own testimonial or online reviews (powerful tools to bring the scent to life). Fragrance selling 101. Ask questions to get a sense of what they’re looking for: Are you looking for a daytime or nighttime fragrance? Are you looking for something for everyday wear or for special occasions? What fragrance notes do you like? Do you prefer warm, fresh, floral scents? Use the fragrance wheel to help guide your customer. Host a fragrance party. Invite top fragrance customers and new customers for an in-person or virtual event. Have samples on hand to build the buzz. Think of fun and engaging ways to bring the fragrance to life. For example, help create a sensorial experience by bringing the fragrance notes to life with props like mandarin oranges, wood, etc. Maximize your impact with samples. Elevate your sample by presenting it as a gift with their order and not just an add-on after a sale. Vial-on-cards are also premium samples, so let your customer know that she can get several uses out of it to really experience the scent. Give direction as to when, where and how to use their fragrance sample. For instance, applying to pulse points to wear for an evening out. Be strategic in the way you follow up, like checking in one weekend after your interaction. Why one weekend? Because odds are, if you showed when, where and how to use the sample, then most likely she used it that weekend! Fragrance brands top picks. These fragrances are all available in the Brochure, and any two purchases count toward the Free Imari Amor Eau de Parfum offer. Use this guide and the Fragrance Finder tool to help your customers find the perfect scents to fit their perfume personalities.

Brochure effective from 3/29/23 to 4/11/23.