Every body needs a serum. Introducing Anew Platinum Sculpting Body Serum. Why a serum? A serum can boost the benefits of your anti-aging regimens. So lightweight, it’s ideal for layering under your day and night creams. Yet its more-easily-absorbed smaller molecules deliver a high concentration of active ingredients to target specific concerns. My go-to serum for my body! Now my skin looks smooth and lifted all over. Anew PlatinumSculpting Body Serum. With niacinamide, panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) and powerful peptides, effective anti-aging ingredients known to help boost moisture, leaving skin looking firmer, smoother and more youthful. 9 out of 10 women say their skin looks firmer and contoured. My go-to serum defies gravity! Now talk about a power lift! Anew Platinum Age Delay Serum. With an innovative antioxidant technology containing niacinamide (vitamin B3) and panthenol (pro-vitamin B5), plus peptides that help visibly boost elasticity and lift facial contours for a more youthful look. Use AM and PM before moisturizer. My go-to serum works while i sleep so when I wake up, my skin looks restored. Anew Ultimate Night Repair Serum. Advanced restorative formula diminishes the appearance of fine lines and visibly improves skin tone and texture. With peptides, licorice, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. Overnight, skin looks smoother, firmer and brighter. Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 25. You’ll see wrinkles fade and youthful vibrance return. Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Night Cream. It works while you sleep to revive and recreate the look of youthful skin. Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Eye System. Visibly smooths crow’s-feet and de-puffs under-eye bags. Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir. A superior serum with a luxurious blend of oils. Visibly smooths and firms. See a dramatic difference in even advanced signs of aging. Anew Ultimate Supreme Eye Balm. Infused with squalane, sunflower seed oil and antioxidant vitamin E. Moisturizing formula. Wear alone or under makeup. Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Crème. With Black Pearl Extract. See a dramatic difference in deep wrinkles and skin radiance. My go-to serum maxes the performance of my skin care. See powerful results: hydration, smooth texture, radiance, lines & wrinkles diminished, firmness.

Give your skin care routine a lift! Our carefully crafted products work in harmony to visibly firm, tighten and lift your skin, revealing a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Whether your customer is a tried-and-true Platinum fan or enjoys mixing and matching products from different brands, here are some options to help you customize a routine for her needs. Mix & match for a custom lift & firm routine. Pro tip. For double cleansing & stubborn makeup removal. Anew Hydra Fusion Micellar Water removes makeup without water. belif Cleansing Balm gently melts away makeup. AMP up your body serum and lock in hydration with Farm Rx Amazon Berry Boost Smoothing & Firming Body Cream.

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