Step up your holiday sparkle. Fragrance. Each scent experience unfolds with top, heart and dry notes. Fragrances are also grouped into four major olfactive families: Fresh, Floral, Amber and Woody and then into eight subcategories. From alluring eau de parfums to spirited colognes, find your fave notes and family or mix it up and try something new! Avon Classics always beautiful. Far Away a wanderlust for the exotic. Far Away travel to the destination of your dreams. Haiku. A sense of harmony & elegance. Haiku serene. divine. elegant. Rare Pearls. Absolutely exquisite. Rare a treasure beyond compare. Imari Amor the first blush of love. Women’s fragrance. Ginza Stefany. A beautiful fragrance collection that explores the story of steadfast lovers Steve and Stefany and the power of their eternal love. Fragrance artistry. Discover curated ingredients that are exquisite alone but even more fascinating together. Scents of the season. Make your home gather-ready and welcoming with new unique fine fragrance candles and diffusers, crafted by expert perfumers. Fruits & Passion Cucina Decorative Diffuser Fragrance. Diffuses fragrance into the air for six to eight weeks. Pair with Decorative Diffuser Set. For optimal results, the fragrance and the reeds should be changed at the same time. Black Suede effortlessly cool. Mesmerize captivate at a single glance. Ultimate combats multiple signs of aging. The Ultimate Youth-Boosting Duo. Our superior dual elixir, with precious oils and a powerful serum, complements an exquisite night cream infused with moisture-enhancing black pearl extract. Overnight, skin looks smoother, firmer, brighter. Believe your eyes! Skin around eyes looks smoother so eyes look more youthful. Skin appears smoother overnight, resculpted over time. This eye cream does double duty. It smooths and reshapes the area around eyes… and lips, too! Powerful peptides help boost collagen production for a visible lift and more youthful look. Anew Platinum Age Delay Serum. With an innovative antioxidant technology containing niacinamide (vitamin B3) and panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) plus collagen-stimulating peptides.

Exclusive Collection Offer. For all Representatives - get all 3 hoops at an amazing value! 3-Piece Collection: includes Pink, Grey and Purple Hoops. Pro Tips. Pair fmg Glimmer Be Blushed Cheek Color with the fmg Blush & Contour Brush or Avon Pro Flawless Makeup Applicator for easy and seamless application. Layer fmg Glimmer Powder Blush over fmg Glimmer Be Blushed Cheek Color for even longer wear and greater dimension. Get the Look Application Tips Contoured: Stack complementary blush shades for a fresh and softly defined look. Sunkissed: Apply blush on upper cheeks and across the nose. Lifted: Apply blush along the height of the cheekbones, going upward toward the temples. Why they’ll love it. The ultimate space saver for their vanity, bathroom drawers or dresser table. No product gets left behind! They can have all their favorites organized and front and center. Customizable for their needs, from makeup, to skin care, to fragrance. A time saver for a faster, more efficient morning beauty routine. Pro tips. Ask your customer if they have beauty products in their drawers that they forget to use. Odds’s a yes. Offer this vanity organizer as the perfect solution. Get creative! Suggest turning the organizing slots into a makeup advent calendar for a personalized gift, or using the organizer as a “stocking” to hold stocking stuffer gifts for a makeup lover. Find their new Signature... Help customers find the fragrances that best speak to them with this easy-to-use fragrance wheel! Download the tool from Avon U on, and print and share with your customers.

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